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Medication Monitoring

Medication monitoring is the process of monitoring prescription medications to check that blood levels are within the expected and desired range, or the process of measuring the effects of a prescription medication in the blood.

Medication monitoring is done by measuring blood levels of a drug or some aspect of a drug’s effects. Some prescription drugs are very beneficial for health and may even be life saving, yet are very dangerous if even a small overdose is given. Because of this danger, drugs that are associated with severe or life threatening medical effects after a small overdose would not be available for use in medicine without a method by which to monitor their blood levels or their effects. Medication monitoring is a critical tool in the administration of these medications.

How True Care can help?

Our NJ State Licensed psychiatrists and APN’s strive to ensure all prescriptions are vetted carefully and monitored to achieved our mutually desired goals.

True Care's Medication Monitoring Service

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