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What is forest bathing & how is it therapeutic?

What is forest bathing & how is it therapeutic?

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing, which originated in Japan in the 1980s, meant to act as a natural antibiotic to technology burnout and a way to reconnect with Mother Earth, is also an antidote for a multitude of mental health stressors.

It has been linked to increases in immunity, enhanced mood, deceased stress, reduced blood pressure and heightened creativity. This form of ecotherapy can be as intimate as camping in the middle of the woods alone, or taking a consciously connected nature walk. The destination may not be a particular set of coordinates, rather a place your mind is able to explore and wander while you are being held by the security of the forest. Wander down a path, sit on a rock or log, breathe in the forest air and listen to what the wind through the trees and squirrels running through leaves have to say. It may take some time to clear out everything in your head, but trust that the tree’s will hold your worries while you take a break from them. Take a step into your nearest wooded area and give it a try, recognize something in nature you wouldn’t have seen from your bedroom window. 


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